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How effective is CCTV as a crime deterrent?

Closed-Circuit Television – or CCTV – has been around for decades. It is a system that uses cameras to record and transmit video footage to a monitor or a set of monitors, typically situated in a secure location. The purpose of CCTV is to provide surveillance and to deter crime but does CCTV really help to reduce crime?

CCTV cameras as a crime deterrent? It’s a matter of debate
The effectiveness of CCTV as a crime deterrent in Rockhampton, like any other place, is a matter of debate. While some argue that it has been successful in reducing crime and helping to solve criminal cases in Central Queensland, others argue that it is not an effective deterrent and that criminals simply adapt their behavior to avoid the cameras. However, one thing is certain: the presence of CCTV cameras can make people feel safer and more secure, and this can be a powerful crime deterrent.

The benefits of CCTV for businesses
CCTV provides a way to monitor and secure the premises, helping to prevent theft, vandalism and other crimes. It can also be used to monitor the behavior of employees, ensuring that they are following company policies and procedures, and to monitor the safety of customers.

CCTV can provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime

CCTV can help identify crime suspects and provide crucial information for the police. This can be especially important in cases where eyewitness accounts are unreliable or unavailable. Additionally, CCTV footage can be used in court to prosecute criminals and help to secure convictions. In this example, police issued an alert via the media in relation to footage of a man riding a scooter after an armed robbery in Rockhampton in February 2023. A man armed with a knife entered a supermarket in Georgia Street and threatened staff before stealing cash.

CCTV can help improve customer service

CCTV can be used to monitor customer interactions with employees, ensuring that customers are being treated appropriately and with respect. This can help to build customer confidence and trust in the business, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. That said, it is important to use CCTV ethically and responsibility, and to always respect people’s privacy and rights.

CCTV can be a cost-effective security solution
While the initial cost of installing the cameras and other equipment can be high, it is a one-time expense that provides ongoing benefits. Additionally, many businesses find that the cost of installing CCTV is more than offset by the reduction in loss from theft and other crimes.

Think CCTV – think Patlaw Securities

At Patlaw Securities, our CCTV monitors your house or business seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Depending on the location and your specific needs, Patlaw Securities can provide a range of CCTV camera systems and security cameras for your home or business. These discreet and versatile video systems can be placed in a variety of positions across your home or business.

Patlaw Securities are Central Queensland’s leaders in mobile security products and services, offering interior and exterior property protection to give you peace of mind. Our mobile patrols service the areas surrounding Gladstone and Rockhampton, including Yeppoon and Biloela.At Patlaw Securities, we will make sure you have everything you need to keep your home, business and event safe. Get in touch today on (07) 4927 1698 for trouble-free security services in Central Queensland, including home security systems, security guards, alarm monitoring services, access control, money transportation, cash protection and CCTV.

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