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The importance of having an access control system for your home and business

When a simple lock and key is no longer providing the vital security you need, an access control system is an effective method of ensuring your home or business is more secure. Following clear, consistent processes for controlling visitor access to your facilities allows you to trace who has visited the company premises, the purpose of the visit and who has given access authorization.

What is an access control system?

Access control systems are typically a building management system that controls access to external entry and exit doors, internal areas or offices and can be used to control lifts in a corporate environment. Access control systems track who goes where and when.

What are the benefits of an access control system?

Access control systems gives you greater visibility and control over those who access your premises. Whether your employees and customers enter and exit your business via a single door or move across a complex network of multiple access points, the right access control system provides enhanced security and convenience.

How do access control systems work?

With the access control systems at Patlaw Securities, you can have total control over who enters your premises with our motorised and automated control panels. For your home or business, our customised access control modules can be utilised to establish a programmable electronic entry system.

What access control entry options are available?

Card keys, gate remote controls, custom doors, voice control and PIN number locks are just a few of the entry options available. Our tokens are small enough to be worn as a keychain pendant. You can even connect your access control system to an intercom system for further security and total control over who enters your property.

Can alarm systems be customised to your specific requirements?

Yes. At Patlaw Securities, our team of access control specialists can work with you to understand your access control requirements, thoroughly access your environment, and create a customised access control system tailored to your needs. Our talented team is experienced in designing and installing innovative and cost-effective access control solutions for clients large and small.

Think security – think Patlaw Securities

Do you require an access control system for your home or business? Patlaw Securities is a leading security company located in Rockhampton, offering exceptional security solutions to homes and businesses in Central Queensland. We service the areas surrounding Gladstone and Rockhampton, including Yeppoon and Biloela.

At Patlaw Securities, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to keep your home, business and event safe. Get in touch today on (07) 4927 1698 for trouble-free security services, including home security systems, security guards, alarm monitoring services, money transportation, cash protection and Closed-circuit television.

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